RBG provides behavioral and educational consulting and treatment for children with Autism and related disorders. We develop positive, individualized, and evidence-based programs for each child, based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. We are committed to providing treatment that upholds the highest ethical standards of care.

RBG Mission Statement:

To fully integrate children with Autism and related disorders into family, school, and community life, by using the principles of behavior analysis.

Core Beliefs:

Children with Autism and related disorders must be challenged to live life to the fullest; be it in the classroom, at home, or in the community.  RBG is dedicated to educating children with Autism to their greatest potential.

If the child is not learning the way we are teaching him/her, then we must find another way to teach him/her.  RBG programs are designed with each child's unique learning style and behavioral needs in mind, and use developmentally appropriate methods and curriculum at all stages.  RBG programs draw from a variety of evidence-based programs, with the principles of ABA at the core of each program.

Consistency is key.  Our philosophy centers on communication and collaboration with a child's entire team of family members, professionals, educators, and caregivers.  This ensures that all members of your child's team of professionals and loved ones are on the same page, working toward the same goals.

Treatment can happen anytime, anywhere.  Sessions may take place at home, in the clinic, at school, or in the community across any number of activities.  This ensures that each child is reinforced consistently across settings.

Skills must be built upward and outward.  It is critical that skills are generalized across time, people, and settings.  Skills learned in structured treatment sessions must be transferred to and mastered across natural settings, in ways that are meaningful to your child.

It can get worse before it gets better.  Some problem behaviors may appear to get worse before they get better, which can be a difficult time for the family/team.  Your consistency is key in overcoming this phase, and RBG is dedicated to supporting your family/team.

Treatment is a commitment, not a convenience.  Consistent attendance, participation, collaboration, and communication from all members of the family/team are critical to the success of your child's program.